Bradley Corp.名称Mark Whittington到业务发展的VP


布拉德利公司,宣布任命Mark Whittington到副总裁 - Menomonee Falls的业务发展,Wis.的管道固定装置制造商,洗手间配件和应急设备100年

怀特顿将加入布拉德利的领导团队,并在他的角色负责越来越多的布拉德利的管道产品业务。188bet网站他在管道产业中举办了各种销售,运营和供应链领导职位20多年,最重要的是Elkay Manufacturing作为执行VP-管道。

“Mark possesses extensive knowledge of the Plumbing Wholesale industry, knows many of our sales representative agencies and the leading wholesaler customers,” says Luis de Leon, Chief Operating Officer, Bradley Corp. “We are excited that he has joined Bradley’s leadership team and is already making a positive impact on our business.”